September 2019 – Back in two seconds

Nautilus Lodge returned after the recess with a Double 2nd Degree Ceremony. Wth the Lodge having a backlog of ceremonies to get through, it was decided to pass the two remaining Entered Apprentices together. The evening’s candidates, Bros Jack Simm and Danny Meek, who had a combined age of just 46 years proved they were both ready to take the 2nd step in Freemasonry.

The Worshipful Master along with his officers and the past wardens of the Lodge performed a well worked ceremony with the perambulations by the deacons well choreographed. The highlight of the ceremony was an extended  explanation of the Working Tools by Bro Darren Broad, Junior Warden.

After the ceremony had concluded, the work of the Lodge continued with the annual elections. There being only one nomination, the Worshipful Master stood to declare Bro Peter Mulley as Master Elect for the coming year.

There was still more to come in the Lodge room that evening, as Bro Malcolm Matson was presented with his Grand Lodge Certificate by WBro Norman Reekie who gave a wonderful explanation of it’s symbolism.

After the Lodge was closed, everyone retired to the festive board for some excellent food and fine conversation.

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