About Us

The lodge is the daughter of Phoenix Lodge No.94 and the sister of Thornhill Lodge No 3216.It was consecrated on Wednesday 23rd August 1921, at Queen Street East, Sunderland and met there until the 1970’s. At this time, they moved to the Wearside Masonic Temple, Burdon Road, Sunderland to help out a then struggling temple. They continued to meet on the fourth Wednesday right up till 2007.
The 3rd September 2007, saw Nautilus Lodge return to Queen Street, as was always the intention. The first Monday of each month was chosen by the Brethren as the new day of meeting, being the closest to the original day due to the availability of the temple.
2012 saw them change the day of meeting again and is now the third Friday of each month as Mondays caused huge problems when it came to bank holidays.

Our members come from all walks of life. They include successful business owners, professional entertainers, off shore and factory workers.