June 2019 Meeting – Nautical Night

The last Nautilus meeting back in June was the annual Nautical Night. A night each year when the Lodge celebrates it’s seafaring heritage. The Lodge was opened using the special Nautical Workings, which were wrote to be used each year for this meeting.  After the opening formalities, the Lodge was called off in order to invite the Non Masonic Guests into the Lodge Room to hear a talk given by WBro Joe Higginbottom on the work of the RNLI. The talk was well received by all, after which all Non Masons were asked to retire in order for the Lodge to be closed.  After the work in the Lodge Room had been concluded, the festivities continued at the Festive Board, where the brethren and guests dined on a four course meal including the famous Nautilus Pie.  After dining, entertainment was provided by local group The Beacon Band. There was also a spot of impromptu “sword swallowing” by WBro Bob Littlechild and Bro Malcolm Matson.   The evening led to a few inquiries about membership and to some bookings for the next Nautical Night. All in all, a good time was had by everyone with the celebrations  going on until the early hours of the morning.

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